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Source: Blue Label Labs
Published: April 2020

A 3-choice framework for prioritization

Circulated: January 12, 2021

Prioritization allows everybody on a team to pinpoint areas of importance. Delivering successful projects at scale (e.g., under budget, early delivery) relies on the team’s ability to effectively prioritize.

One prioritization framework uses a 3-choice scale:

  1. Priority 0 (P0)
    Definition: an item so critical to the release of the product that you would hold the release to include or fix it
    Example (mobile app project): your app not being available on the App Store for iOS users
  2. Priority 1 (P1)
    items that are high priority but wouldn’t hold up a release
    Example (mobile app project): your app being incompatible on any iPhone running iOS 11 or older
  3. Priority 2 (P2)
    “nice to have” items, rather than “must-have”
    Example (mobile app project): your app not adopting a new color scheme across all screens

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