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Source: Shreyas Doshi (LinkedIn)
Published: September 2020

A Product Metrics Primer

Circulated: December 2, 2020

When building software, product owners need to decide which behaviors and uses are the most important to measure. The following categories can help you choose the metrics for your software products that matter most to your customers and your business.

  1. Metric: Health
    Description: Is the product performing reliably?  
    Examples: latency, initial load time, uptime
  2. Metric: Usage
    Description: How are customers using the product?
    Examples: day-of-week trends, help documentation visits, visits by country
  3. Metric: Adoption
    Description: Are consumers using the product as much as we’d hope, and in the ways that we’d like?
    Examples: monthly active users, free-to-paid conversions, new features
  4. Metric: Satisfaction
    Description: What is our customers’ overall sentiment towards the product?
    Examples: net promoter score, customer satisfaction score
  5. Metric: Ecosystem
    Description: How does the product compare with substitute offerings from competitors?
    Examples: share of wallet, third party integrations, industry rank
  6. Metric: Outcome
    Description: What overall results are we seeing from this product?
    Examples: revenue per user, gross margin, transactions

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