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Source: Amazon
Published: September 2019

Amazon Devices Event

Circulated: September 26, 2019

Customers interact with Alexa billions of times a week. Echo devices have received more than 400,000 5-star reviews globally. Fire TV now has 37 million monthly active users. Here are the new products we’re excited to get to customers:

  • Echo Frames: eyeglasses with Alexa via open-ear technology $179.99
  • Echo Loop: smart ring with Alexa $129.99
  • Echo Buds: wireless earbuds with active noise reduction $129.99
  • Echo Studio: High-fidelity smart speaker $199.99
  • Amazon Smart Oven: oven, microware, air fryer, and food warmer $249.99
  • Echo Show 8: 8-inch display with a camera shutter $129.99
  • Echo Dot with Clock: now with an LED display to show the time$59.99
  • Echo Glow: multicolor smart lamp for kids $29.99
  • eero mesh: WiFi router / extender $99
  • Echo Flex: plug-in smart speaker with Alexa $24.99
  • Ring Stick Up Cam: battery powered security camera $99.99
  • Ring Indoor Cam: plug-in security camera $59.99
  • Certified for Humans: a new program with 3 requirements — Frustration Free Setup, background software updates, set up on the Alexa app.

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