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Source: Jungle Scout (PDF)
Published: February 2020
n = 1,046 Amazon sellers

Amazon Seller Growth Opportunities and Challenges

Circulated: February 25, 2020

of Amazon sellers surveyed think Amazon is a good company for consumers, but only 58% of Amazon sellers think Amazon is a good company for sellers.

Ways Sellers plan to grow their businesses in 2020:

  • 54% Expand existing brand with new products
  • 48% Launch new products (unrelated to current products)
  • 46% Optimize current product listings
  • 41% Get more ratings and reviews
  • 39% Spend more money on advertising
  • 36% Sell on Amazon marketplaces across the globe
  • 32% Sell on other e-commerce platforms

Concerns of selling on Amazon:

  • 78% Increasing advertising costs
  • 76% Amazon shutting down their account and/or listings seemingly abruptly or without reason
  • 68% Chinese suppliers selling similar products at lower costs
  • 64% Poor seller support from Amazon
  • 57% Impact of tariffs on goods from China
  • 53% Amazon selling its own products that directly competes with the Seller’s

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