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Source: White Fragility (Amazon)
Published: June 2018

Control of US Institutions

Circulated: June 9, 2020

Race scholars use the term white supremacy to describe a sociopolitical economic system of domination based on racial categories that benefit those defined and perceived as white. This system of structural power privileges, centralizes, and elevates white people as a group.

The racial breakdown of the people who control US institutions in 2016–2017

Institution Percent white
Ten richest Americans 100%
US Congress 90%
US Governors 96%
Top military advisers 100%
President and vice president 100%
US Presidential cabinet 91%
People who decide which TV shows we see 93%
People who decide which books we read 90%
People who decide which news is covered 85%
People who decide which music is produced 95%
People who directed the 100 top-grossing films 95%
Teachers 82%
Full-time college professors 84%

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