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Source: Lolita Taub, VC Cafe
Published: August 2017, June 2019

Corporate Venture Capital

Circulated: July 23, 2020

of the top 100 US companies by revenue, also known as the Fortune 100, invest capital using their own investment arm. A Venture Capital (VC) investment arm is a branch of a company dedicated to investing in up-and-coming startups such as:

1. Intel Capital (Founded 1991, invested $12.5+ billion)

Focus: Tech startups that focus on software, digital media, and manufacturing.

Portfolio Companies: Punchbowl (digital invitation service), Lightbend(app development), HyTrust (cloud security)

2. Google Ventures (Founded 2009, $2.4 billion of assets)

Focus: Broad, across the board, investments in healthcare, tech, and even agriculture.

Portfolio Companies: Wonderbly (online publishing), Desktop Metal(industrial 3D printing), Evelo Biosciences(biotechnology)

3. Qualcomm Ventures (Founded 2000, Funding $500+ million)

Focus: Future technologies like AI, robotics, and virtual reality.

Portfolio Companies: Prospera (agricultural tech), Brain Corp (artificial intelligence), Sense360 (consumer insight)

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