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Source: Worldometer
Published: October 2020

COVID-19 Testing Rate by Country

Circulated: November 9, 2020

The World Health Organization sent a clear message to all countries in mid-March: test, test, and test. The more tests that are conducted, the easier it becomes to track the spread of the virus and reduce transmission. Countries around the world are making widespread testing a key part of their plans.

The rate of testing for select countries as of October 30, 2020:

Country Tests Performed (per million population, rounded)
Israel 494,000
UK 487,000
USA 427,000
Belgium 416,000
Russia 410,000
Spain 357,000
Germany 261,000
Italy 254,000
France 239,000
Saudi Arabia 227,000
Chile 221,000

: The U.S. has conducted over 141 million COVID-19 tests in total.

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