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Source: Rock Health & Stanford University
Published: November 2019
n = 4,000 people 18+ in the U.S.

Digital Health Adoption

Circulated: January 30, 2020

Consumers are increasingly empowered to participate in their own health care decisions:

  • 65% are bringing online health information into the physician office (up from 20% in 2015).
  • 66% of those who searched for providers online selected a provider based on online reviews.
  • 18% participated in online patient communities — sharing information outside of the traditional doctor-patient relationship.

Adoption of Digital Health Tools

Tools Adoption
Online health information 76%
Online provider reviews 64%
Digital health tracking 42%
Wearable ownership 33%
Live video telemedicine* 32%

* Shout out to Amazon Care (!

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