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Source: Gallup
Published: April 2020
n = 7,925 U.S. adults

Economic Impact Payments

Circulated: April 29, 2020

As part of the roughly $2 trillion relief package the federal government passed in March, eligible U.S. adults will receive one-time cash payments from the U.S. government. Gallup asked the following question to gauge how Americans planned to use the money:

"As you may know, as part of the recently passed economic relief legislation, most Americans will soon receive a payment of about $1,200 per individual taxpayer from the federal government. If you receive such a payment, what do you plan to do with most or all of the money?"

Intentions for Use of Federal COVID-19 Relief Money

Primary Use Percent
Pay bills 35%
Save or invest it 29%
Spend it on essential items (food, gas, etc.) 16%
Spend it on nonessential items 4%
Donate it to charity 3%
Do not expect to receive payment 13%
TOTAL 100%

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