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Source: National Research Group
Published: June 2019
N = 1,500 consumers

Fortnite: The New Social Media

Circulated: June 13, 2019

In less than two years, Fortnite has attracted more than 250 million users around the world. 82% of its total audience is under 35 years old. For ages 10–17 who play at least once a week, Fortnite is consuming 25% of their free time.

Entertainment service % of Americans (ages 10-17) using weekly
YouTube 93%
Netflix 73%
Instagram 56%
Facebook 47%
Snapchat 47%
Hulu 43%
Prime Video 43%
Fortnite 40%
Twitter 34%
Candy Crush 30%
Twitch 24%
Steam 24%
Clash of Clans 20%
TikTok 17%

Bonus facts:

  • The biggest moment in Fortnite’s history was in February 2019 when Marshmello hosted a virtual concert with 10.7 million people attending.
  • Fortnite parent company Epic acquired social video app Houseparty yesterday.

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