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Source: Timur Tiryaki
Published: May 2014

Four communication styles

Communication styles are different approaches to expressing our thoughts, feelings, and opinions. Consider which of the four styles below describes you, and how yours compares to others in your circle. Adapting your style to others builds rapport and helps you more successfully connect with them.

Style: Driver
Strengths: Determined, Persuasive, Practical
Potential Weaknesses: Impatient, Domineering, Insensitive

Style: Analytical
Strengths: Detail-oriented, Disciplined, Logical
Potential Weaknesses: Too rigid, Reclusive, Perfectionist

Style: Expressive
Strengths: Enthusiastic, Engaging, Imaginative
Potential Weaknesses: Unrealistic, Unorganized, Abrasive

Style: Amiable
Strengths: Patient, Cooperative, Dependable
Potential Weaknesses: Passive, Indecisive, Too compliant

Bonus: "No one communication style is inherently better than another," communication specialist Mark Murphy says, "But picking the wrong style for a particular audience shuts down listening. Learning to build flexibility around your preferred style allows others to more successfully hear the important things you need to communicate."

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