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Source: The CMO Survey
Published: February 2019
n = 323 top marketers at for-profit U.S. companies

How Does Your Firm Use Social Media?

Circulated: October 1, 2019

Chief Marketing Officers were asked to check all the uses of social media that apply to their business.

Use of social media % of respondents
Brand awareness and brand building 88.2%
Introducing new products and services 64.7%
Acquiring new customers 60.1%
Brand promotions 59.2%
Retaining current customers 55.5%
Improving customer service 40.8%
Improving employee engagement 35.3%
Marketing research 33.6%
Identifying new customer groups you currently don’t target 25.6%
Identifying new product and service opportunities 17.2%
Improving current products or services 13.9%

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