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Source: Common Sense Media
Published: May 2019
n = 500 U.S. parents and their children age 12-18

How mobile devices affect daily life

Circulated: March 19, 2020

Parents and their children were surveyed in 2016 and 2019 to understand how mobile devices are affecting families.

Devices come to bed with us. At night, 63% of parents and 39% of children keep their device within reach of the bed.

Sleep is being interrupted. 36% of teens and 26% of parents wake up to check their mobile device at least once during the night.

Parents are increasingly concerned about their use. In 2016, 29% of parents said they think they spend “too much” time on their devices compared to 52% of parents in 2019.

Devices distract us daily. In 2019, 54% of parents and 58% of teens felt distracted by their mobile device at least once a day.

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