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Source: Get Proofed
Published: June 2020

How to use an Appendix

Circulated: November 19, 2020

An appendix can help you include background information about a topic without weighing your writing down with all of the facts and figures within the text.

What to put in an Appendix + an example

  1. Graphs, charts, and tables.
    Example: Tables showing the number of Amazon Prime customers grouped by age and billing country.
  2. Raw test data or results.
    Example: Data about how control and experimental versions of a payment experience impacted conversion rates (an A/B test).
  3. Photo or screenshot.
    Example: A social media post written by a customer with a negative experience.
  4. Illustration.
    Example: Architecture diagrams visualizing the AWS services used in your application.
  5. Survey questions and results.
    Example: Net Promoter Score survey responses from customers who attended the webinar, including their open-ended responses.
  6. Full text (e.g. email, blog post).
    Example: A press release from 1997 when Amazon launched e-mail gift certificates.
  7. Maps.
    Example: The location of a construction site that will one day be a state-of-the-art fulfillment center.

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