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Source: AMZN Letter to shareholders
Published: April 2008

Information Snacking

Circulated: January 23, 2020

“Lately, networked tools such as desktop computers, laptops, and cell phones have changed us. They’ve shifted us more toward information snacking and toward shorter attention spans. I value my BlackBerry — I’m convinced it makes me more productive — but I don’t want to read a three-hundred-page document on it. If our tools make information snacking easier, we’ll shift more toward information snacking and away from long-form reading. Kindle is purpose-built for long-form reading. We hope Kindle and its successors move us into a world with longer spans of attention, providing a counterbalance to the recent proliferation of info-snacking tools. We’re hopeful that Kindle will “start a fire” and improve the world of reading.”

- Jeff Bezos

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