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Source: Amazon’s 2020 Letter to Shareholders
Published: April 2021

Jeff’s Last Letter as CEO of Amazon

Highlights from the letter written by Jeff Bezos:

  • We at Amazon are always flexible, but on matters of vision we are stubborn and relentless.
  • Despite what we’ve accomplished, it’s clear to me that we need a better vision for our employees’ success… [In addition to wanting to be Earth’s Most Customer-Centric Company] we are going to be Earth’s Best Employer and Earth’s Safest Place to Work.
  • The Climate Pledge is a signal to the marketplace that businesses should start inventing and developing new technologies that signatories need to make good on the pledge [to achieve net-zero carbon in their worldwide businesses by 2040].
  • The world wants you to be typical – in a thousand ways, it pulls at you. Don’t let it happen... You have to pay a price for your distinctiveness, and it’s worth it.
  • In my upcoming role as Executive Chair, I’m going to focus on new initiatives. I’m an inventor. It’s what I enjoy the most and what I do best.
  • To all of you: be kind, be original, create more than you consume, and never, never, never let the universe smooth you into your surroundings. It remains Day 1.


Jeffrey P. Bezos
Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Inc.

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