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Source: Challenger, Gray & Christmas (Staffing Firm)
Published: March (Madness) 2019

March Madness to Cost Employers $13.3 Billion

Circulated: March 22, 2019

With 97 million viewers of March Madness games globally in 2018, according to CBS, the tournament represents a shared event that fosters excitement among staff. Workers spend 25.5 minutes of their workday on March Madness-related activities, or 6.4 hours total. 75M workers, 48% of the 157M employed Americans, will work on their bracket while on the clock.

Madness related activities:

  • Streaming games during work hours
  • Heading to a local restaurant to watch the game
  • Filling out brackets
  • Water cooler chat
  • Duke fan cheering for Zion Williamson
  • Michigan fans constantly saying “GO BLUE!”

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