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Source: Department of Homeland Security
Published: January 2020

Operation Mega Flex

Circulated: January 27, 2020

In 2019, the Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) initiated Operation Mega Flex to identify contraband shipped and received through international mail facilities and express consignment hubs. Between July and September 2019, 20,861 investigations across eleven locations found 1,061 shipments were counterfeit (5.1%). Counterfeiters sell fake goods as authentic goods — in this case ranging from fake name brand items, like Louis Vuitton bags to sports equipment made with faulty parts.

CBP Intellectual Property Rights Seizures, Fiscal Year 2018

Products Seizures Percent of Total
Wearing Apparel/Accessories 6,098 18%
Footwear 4,728 14%
Watches/Jewelry 4,291 13%
Handbags/Wallets 3,593 11%
Consumer Electronics 3,388 10%
Consumer Electronics 3,388 10%
Consumer Products 2,816 8%
Pharmaceuticals/Personal Care 2,293 7%
Other 19%

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