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Source: Day 1 Blog
Published: March 2018

The Story Behind the Building

Circulated: November 12, 2019

Each building at Amazon has a peculiar name. Here are some of the buildings and the inspiration for the name:

  • Bigfoot: the tool used to map products on Amazon to titles on IMDb.
  • Day 1: “This is Day 1 for the Internet, and if we execute well, for” — Jeff Bezos in the 1997 Letter to shareholders. (Rumored to also be named after a daily email read by curious minds across the company, Fact of the Day 1).
  • Doppler: the code name for the Amazon Echo.
  • Houdini: the code name for Prime Now.
  • Lowflyinghawk: an AWS customer’s username on the AWS forums that was considered the voice of the customer.
  • Obidos: the original page-rendering engine.
  • re:Invent: yearly learning conference hosted by AWS.
  • Rufus: Amazon’s first dog, a corgi.

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