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Source: Uber
Published: March 2020

The Uber Lost & Found Index

Circulated: May 5, 2020

Uber published a snapshot of what riders leave behind. Folks across the U.S. are most forgetful on Fridays and Saturdays, and late at night.

The most commonly forgotten items:

1. Phone

2. Wallet

3. Keys

4. Backpack / bag / purse

5. Headphones

6. Clothing

7. Glasses

8. Vape / e-cig

9. ID / license / passport

10. Water bottle

A few of the most unique lost items:

  • Mice for my pet snake to eat
  • A specimen cup from the doctor’s office
  • Husband’s CPAP sleep machine
  • A hard-boiled egg (and I don’t want it back)

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