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Source: Big Technology
Published: December 2020

U.S. Tech Worker Migration Due to Remote Work

The shift to remote work has given many tech workers the freedom to choose where they live and work. To find out where they’re going, LinkedIn analyzed self-reported location changes over a five-month period, measuring the inflow/outflow ratio of tech workers for American cities. According to the analysis, tech workers are relocating out of legacy tech hubs to previously off-the-map places such as Madison, WI, which added 1.77 tech workers for each tech worker who left in 2020.

Here are the cities most affected by the remote-work migration, measured by the number of tech workers gained per one lost. Inflow shows the biggest gainers, and outflow shows the biggest losers of workers.

Inflow Rank:

1. Madison, WI
2019: 1.02
2020: 1.77
YoY Change: 74%

2. Cleveland, OH
2019: 0.78
2020: 0.94
YoY Change: 20%

3. Sacramento, CA
2019: 0.87
2020: 1.02
YoY Change: 18%

Outflow Rank:

1. San Francisco, CA
2019: 1.48
2020: 0.96
YoY Change: -35%

2. New York City, NY
2019: 1.08
2020: 0.86
YoY Change: -20%

3. Boston, MA
2019: 0.94
2020: 0.78    
YoY Change: -18%

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