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Source: Fact of the Day 1
Published: November 2018

Understanding Your Size of Market

Circulated: July 16, 2019

Regardless of what product or service you work on, it is important to understand your size of market to think about the bigger picture.

The following questions can shape your thinking about how you serve your customers. For example, Amazon:

  • How is our growth rate compared to Amazon’s?
  • How many Prime customers use my service?
  • What is the regional breakdown of our revenue compared to Amazon’s?
Market (2018) Size
Amazon Revenue (US) $160 Billion
Amazon Revenue (WW) $233 Billion
Walmart Revenue (WW) $514 Billion
Target Revenue (WW) $75 Billion
US Gross Domestic Product (GDP) $20.5 Trillion
Gross World Product $84.8 Trillion

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