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Source: UserInterviews
Published: February 2020
n = 300 user researchers

User research methods

Circulated: March 16, 2020

Qualitative research can be a rich source of customer anecdotes and big-picture insights that can inspire innovative thinking on behalf of customers. Researchers use a variety of methods to get the job done. 96% of user researchers surveyed conduct more than one type of research study every month.

“Every anecdote from a customer matters. We research each of them because they tell us something about our processes. It’s an audit that is done for us by our customers. We treat them as precious sources of information” – Jeff Wilke, CEO Worldwide Consumer

Type of studies Description % of Researchers
User interviews one-on-one sessions to give insight into what users think and feel 92%
Moderated usability tests the participant completes a task with a moderator as a guide 84%
Surveys gathering information by sampling the population 78%
Field/Ethnographic studies observing participants perform a task in their own natural context 64%
Unmoderated usability tests the participant completes a task on their own 59%
Card sorts design information architecture of a site 54%
First click tests examine how users get around the site 36%
Accessibility tests ensure usability by people with disabilities (e.g. hearing, color blindness) 36%
Diary studies learn about behaviors over time 31%
Tree tests evaluate the findability of topics in a website 27%

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