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Source: Seattle Recycling
Published: January 2019

Where Does it Go?

Circulated: April 15, 2019

Food & Compost

  • Food soiled paper (without shiny coating) — pizza box, egg carton, coffee filter
  • All food waste — banana peel, fish bones, egg shells
  • Yard waste, plants, and untreated wood


  • Clean paper and cardboard — paper plates, Amazon boxes, milk container (washed out), Starbucks cup (washed out)
  • Cleaned plastics — Tupperware, empty plastic bottles (with the cap on), plastic bags (bagged together), scrap metal (less than 2x2 feet)
  • Cleaned glass and metal — Wine bottle, soup cans, beer bottle


  • Non-recyclable paper and plastic — used eating utensils, food containers with food (such as ketchup), photos
  • Foam trays and containers — Cup Noodles, packing styrofoam
  • Non-recyclable glass — broken glass, light bulbs
  • Other — DVDs, dog poop bags, diapers, packing peanuts (bagged), lids and tops (less than 3 inches wide)

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