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Source: Women in the Workplace
Published: February 2021

Women in the workplace: pandemic edition

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected businesses everywhere, but women are bearing the brunt of the burden. Women in the Workplace, the largest study of women in corporate America, found that mothers are more likely than fathers to consider scaling back or even quitting their jobs due to pandemic-induced pressures.

One in three mothers has thought about working less or resigning, many naming childcare responsibilities as the primary reason.

Percentage of employees surveyed who’ve considered changing their jobs due to the pandemic.

Change of work situation

Reducing work hours
% of mothers: 17
% of fathers: 9

Switching to a less demanding job
% of mothers: 16
% of fathers: 11

Taking leave of absence
% of mothers: 15
% of fathers: 9

Moving from full-time to part-time
% of mothers: 8
% of fathers: 2

Leaving workforce
% of mothers: 7
% of fathers: 4

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