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Source: Gallup
Published: July 2020
n = 2,687 full and part-time U.S. employees

Workplace engagement during COVID-19

Circulated: August 27, 2020

Since 2000, Gallup has conducted a monthly, “Employee Engagement” poll, tracking job satisfaction in the American workplace.

  • June 2020 represented the most considerable drop in U.S. employee engagement on record.
  • 31% report being actively engaged (enthusiastic about, and committed to their job); a record low.
  • 54% lack engagement (apathetic about their job).
  • 14% are actively disengaged (resent their job and toxic to the workplace).
  • Leaders and managers are affected most.
  • Not even the 2008 recession or the 9/11 attack registered a more significant impact.

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