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Source: Fact of the Day 1
Published: January 2021

Write your own job description

Obliteride is the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center’s annual summer fundraiser for lifesaving research and cures. In June 2017, Shannon O’Fallon got an email from Amazon Web Services (AWS) leadership encouraging employees to participate. Having started treatment for stage two breast cancer just six months ago, Shannon was eager to partake.

Participating in Obliteride led Shannon to discover her passion: helping cure cancer. Shannon partnered with Jarman Hauser to write a narrative about the benefits of a two-pizza team dedicated to growing Amazon’s participation in Obliteride.

After presenting their document to AWS leadership, Shannon and Jarman received funding to move forward.

“While I can’t change the fact that I had cancer, I can support research at Fred Hutch to help cure cancer faster and save lives. Just work backwards from the customer (or patient) – and you too can turn your passion into a career at Amazon.”

– Shannon O’Fallon, Program Manager, Team Amazon – Fred Hutch Obliteride

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