10 AWS Products Explained Simply

Source: AWS & Goldband@ (SDE, CloudFormation) Published: July 2019

Source: AWS
Published: July 2019

10 AWS Products Explained Simply

Circulated: July 25, 2019

Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2): renting servers which can be controlled remotely, pay by the hour.

Lambda: like EC2 but no server set up required; pay only when running code (nearest 100ms).

Elastic Load Balancing: distribute incoming traffic equally to all your servers.

Route 53: configure how internet traffic is routed to your servers.

Simple Storage Service (S3): file storage.

DynamoDB: a database that specializes in quickly accessing large amounts of data (noSQL).

Relational Database Service (RDS): a database that specializes in accessing data in complex ways (SQL).

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC): your own subsection of the AWS cloud; optionally isolated from the rest of the internet.

Simple Notification Service (SNS): publishes messages to computers that are subscribed to updates.

CloudFormation: use a template as a recipe to create all of your AWS products at once.