A Vision for the Impact of AI

Source: Goldman Sachs Published: February 2020

Source: Goldman Sachs
Published: February 2020

A Vision for the Impact of AI

Circulated: July 9, 2020

AWS CEO Andy Jassy discussed how artificial intelligence (AI) is shaping the future with Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon.

Solomon: Can you share your vision for the impact of AI?

Jassy: At Amazon, we’ve been working with AI and ML for 20 years. You can see it in (1) product recommendations on our retail site, (2) pick paths for associates in the fulfillment centers, (3) Prime Air drone effort, (4) Amazon Go, (5) Alexa, and much more.

The AWS AI stack enables more organizations to utilize AI and ML:

  1. For people who don’t want to build models: plug into a model that AWS has built (e.g., Rekognition, Translate, Textract)

  • Largest number of potential users; least skill required

2. For data scientists and everyday developers: SageMaker is a service to build, train, tune, and deploy ML models

3. For AI practitioners & experts: people comfortable picking the algorithm, training the model, tuning the model, etc.

  • Smallest number of users; highest expertise required (most of these people are at big tech companies)