Amazon Writing Style Tip #2

Source: Write Like an Amazonian Published: 2018

Source: David Perell via Twitter
Published: December 22, 2019

Amazon Writing Style Tips

Circulated: March 5, 2019

#2: Be objective: avoid adjectives and adverbs.

  • Adjectives are imprecise and don’t contribute to making a decision.

  • Most Amazonians react negatively to buzz words and qualifications without data.


  • Sales increased significantly in Q4, due to our use of holiday promotions.

  • We made the application much faster.

  • This will make this endeavor extremely successful.


  • Unit sales increased 40% in Q4 2011, compared to Q4 2010, because of holiday promotions.

  • We reduced server side trailing 90-day latency from 10ms to 1ms.

  • This will increase output by 2.5%.