August 14: Business Chemistry's four types

Find out whether you're a pioneer, driver, guardian or integrator.

Source: Deloitte
Published: February 2020

Business Chemistry’s four types

Business Chemistry is Deloitte’s system for understanding similarities and differences in work styles so co-workers can create stronger working relationships and tap into team strengths. While most people are a mix of the four, we tend to lean heavily towards one type over the others.

Pioneers value possibilities and spark creativity. They tend to be outgoing, spontaneous, adaptable, and imaginative.

Drivers value challenges and generate momentum. They tend to be quantitative, logical, competitive, and experimental.

Guardians value stability and bring order and rigor. They tend to be reserved, practical, detail-oriented, and methodical.

Integrators value connection and draw teams together. They tend to be diplomatic, empathic, relationship-oriented, and non-confrontational.


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