August 17: Reasons for buying cryptocurrency (UK)

The majority of UK crypto buyers report that they actually use the cryptocurrency they purchase.

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Source: UK Financial Conduct Authority
Published: June 2021

Reasons for buying cryptocurrency (UK)

Based on online surveys distributed at the beginning of 2021, the majority of UK crypto buyers (68%) report using the cryptocurrency they purchase.

Main reasons for buying cryptocurrencies, 2021

I use cryptocurrency: 68%

As a gamble that could make or lose money: 38%

I don’t want to miss out on buying cryptocurrencies: 18%

Expecting to make money quickly: 17%

For a political choice/ideological reason (e.g. I don’t trust the financial system): 15%

Other: 13%

*Note: Answers do not add up to 100%, as respondents could cite multiple reasons.

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