August 19: Fortnite takes a stand

Apple kicks Fortnite off of the App Store.

Source: Polygon
Published: August 2020

Fortnite takes a stand

Epic Games is a US video game company that developed the hit game Fortnite.

Inciting incident
On August 13, Fortnite updated the payment options on iOS, providing a 20% discount for players who choose to process payments through Epic, not Apple. This circumvents the App Store from taking a 30% cut and is thus against Apple’s policies.

Apple immediately took Fortnite off of the App Store. Epic Games responded by filing a pre-prepared lawsuit the same day.

The next day the same thing played out on Google Play.

Fortnite published a 47-second video encouraging their players to support them against Apple with a hashtag. The video alludes to Apple’s famous 1984 commercial.


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