August 5: Why websites load slowly

Four actions you can take to speed up the time it takes for your website to load.

Source: Google
Published: February 2018

Why websites load slowly

Circulated: August 5, 2020

Google analyzed 11 million mobile landing pages spanning 213 countries. The majority of mobile sites are slow and bloated with too many elements. The learning is that faster is better, and less is more.

Actions webpage owners can take:

  • Compress images and text; 25% of pages could save more than 250KB

  • Target less than 3 seconds for the mobile page to display content to users

  • Reduce the number of individual pieces of content to fewer than 50

  • Measure the size of the mobile webpage and target less than 500KB

Bonus: Google has a tool to test websites speed results. Unfortunately, got a “poor” rating taking 2.7 seconds to load the mobile page.