AWS Well-Architected Framework

Source: AWS Published: July 2019

Source: AWS
Published: July 2019

AWS Well-Architected Framework

Circulated: May 29, 2020

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Well-Architected Framework helps you learn, measure, and improve decisions you make while building systems on AWS. Using the Framework will help you produce secure, stable, and efficient systems.

Design principles (rephrased for brevity)

  • Stop guessing your capacity needs: you can use as much or as little capacity as you need.

  • Test systems at production scale: reduce the cost of testing by testing on-demand.

  • Automate to make architectural experimentation easier:create and replicate your systems at low effort.

  • Allow for evolutionary architectures: in the cloud, evolve workloads rapidly to enable businesses to use innovations as a standard practice.

  • Drive architectures using data: collect data on how your choices affect your workload.

  • Improve through game days: simulate events in production to help you make improvements.


2012: Created internal reference page (Wiki)

2014: Evolved to Excel Spreadsheets

2016: Developed an internal tool

2018: Launched a free, external tool