COVID-19 and Customer Demand

Source: Amazon Seller News Published: June 2020

Source: Amazon Seller News
Published: June 2020

COVID-19 and Customer Demand

Circulated: June 18, 2020

To help Amazon Sellers navigate the impact of COVID-19, Amazon’s VP of Economic Technology, Matt Taddy, shares search data.

Before March, 2% of customer traffic was in the top 100 search terms. In March, this spiked to 13% of traffic as customers looked for more of the same items. In April/May, the top 100 search terms accounted for 5% of traffic.

For the Hygiene and Medical Supplies category — which includes hand sanitizers and face masks — demand is up more than 200% in April/May relative to what it was before March. Categories with sustained demand include cleaning supplies, arts & crafts supplies, children’s books, outdoor pools, standing desks, computer monitors, and web cameras.