Customer Service for Anything

Source: Zappos Published: April 2020

Source: Zappos
Published: April 2020

Customer Service for Anything

Circulated: April 22, 2020

Zappos has launched a hotline to help people find answers or solutions to anything they need help with — and no purchase is required.

Looking for a kind voice to discuss the latest Netflix show, your dream vacation plans, or simply the weather? Zappos would love to connect and the customer service team is available to chat — about anything. 1–800–927–7671 (press 3).

Examples of what people are reaching out about:

  • Do you have any links to good do it yourself mask making tutorials?

  • What has been posted publicly by my local government about stay at home orders?

  • I’m just calling because I am bored and need someone to talk to, is that ok?

  • Our hospital needs pulse oximeters, we can not locate any, can you help us track some down? (Yeah, Zappos found 300.)