December 17: Reasons for losing loyalty

Ten reasons why customers stopped buying a product or switched brands.

Source: Global Web Index
Published: November 2020

Reasons for losing loyalty

There are a lot of reasons a consumer might opt to go with a different brand than usual. In one survey, customers indicated the reason(s) they stopped buying a product or switched brands. The most common reasons include the following:

Reason for losing loyalty and % of customers 

  • I’ve found a cheaper alternative: 23%

  • I don’t need their products anymore: 19%

  • Their products were out of stock: 17%

  • They sell non-essential products: 14%

  • My orders were delayed: 11%

  • They don’t sell online: 8%

  • I don’t agree with how they treat their employees or suppliers: 7%

  • They stopped accepting returns: 7%

  • They went out of business: 7%

  • I don’t resonate with their values anymore: 6%

The percentages sum to more than 100% as respondents could select more than one reason.


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