Fashion Tech Innovators

Source: Assorted Published: August 2019

Source: Assorted
Published: August 2019

Fashion Tech Innovators

Circulated: September 5, 2019


  • A marketplace for authenticated luxury consignment.

  • “We take off of the top of eBay and the bottom off Sotheby’s.” — CEO Julie Wainwright

  • 2018 revenue: $184M


  • Peer-to-peer marketplace focused on social commerce.

  • “To be honest, the scale and the speed of resale-based commerce has caught me by surprise.” — CEO Manish Chandra

  • 2018 revenue estimate: $150M


  • Millennial-focused marketplace with private brands.

  • “We are more targeted than department stores with a greater selection than specialty retailers.” — Michael Mente

  • 2018 revenue: $499M


  • Online thrift store for high-quality secondhand clothes.

  • “Mass market or luxury, if people can find a high-quality product for much less, they’ll choose used.” — CEO James Reinhart

  • 2018 revenue estimate: $38M