Horizons of Focus

Source: Getting Things Done Published: January 2011

Source: Getting Things Done
Published: January 2011

Horizons of Focus

Circulated: June 24, 2020

The Horizons of Focus is a framework for aligning your daily actions with your long-term visions and goals.

Horizon 5: Purpose and Principles

  • Answer the question, “why are we doing this?”

  • Think a team off-site meeting

Horizon 4: Vision

  • Define what it will look, sound, feel like with successful implementation

  • Focus on long-term outcomes and ideal scenarios

  • Think a 6-page PR/FAQ

Horizon 3: Goals

  • What needs to be accomplished within 12 months to make the vision happen

  • Think annual planning with quarterly recalibration

Horizon 2: Areas of accountability

  • Spheres of work required to move forward

  • Think organization charts and defined responsibilities (e.g., RACI)

Horizon 1: Projects

  • Deliverables that we want to achieve in less than 12 months

  • Think project plan and weekly business reviews

Ground: Actions on your calendar

  • A single task that is part of a project

  • Think of an item on your to-do list