How We Write a Working Backwards Document

Source: PR/FAQ Training Published: 2019

Source: Press Release / Frequently Asked Questions
Published: 2019

How We Write a Working Backwards Document

Circulated: August 2, 2019

After we answer the 5 Working Backward questions, we write a document inclusive of 3 components:

  1. Press Release (PR)
    a) One-page narrative describing a new product, service, or feature at a high-level.
    b) Describes the vision.
    c) Written using customer-centric language.
    d) Any Amazonian should be able to understand the idea (spell out your acronyms the first time they’re used).
    e) Use a customer testimonial to reinforce why the customer cares about what you’re launching.

  2. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
    a) Multi-page questions and answers that a customer or Amazonian may ask after reading.
    b) Describes implementation details, data, and risks.
    c) Examples of customer FAQs:
    i. How much will this cost?
    ii. Where can I find this?
    iii. How do I cancel if I change my mind?
    d) Example of Amazonian FAQs:
    i. What is the underlying technology?
    ii. How does this support our goals?
    iii. How can we launch this more quickly?

  3. Visuals to help communicate an idea (Appendix)
    a) Use visuals to show how customers will discover the product and what they will be able to do with it.
    b) Describes how a product feels.
    c) Start with a hand-drawn visual, not a high-fidelity mockup.