Introducing Amazon Moments

Source: Amazon Published: February 2019

Source: Amazon
Published: February 2019

Introducing Amazon Moments

Circulated: February 21, 2019

Feb 14th Amazon announced a new self-service loyalty offering called Amazon Moments. Marketers can pick specific goals they want their users to reach and then set a budget for their campaign. Amazon then creates a rewards landing page tailored to each campaign, and marketers can plug their rewards links into an API. Amazon charges on a cost-per-action model, meaning partners only pay when the desired action is taken by the user.


  • Music streaming platform could send a link for wireless headphones to a subscriber if she listens to 20+ hours of music in a given week.

  • Ride sharing platform could send a car phone mount to a driver if he drives 100+ rides in a month.

  • Amazon Seller Forums could send an Amazon t-shirt to any Seller with more than 100 likes on a post.