January 13: A Dynamic Civilization, Part 1 of 2

A look into Jeff Bezos' vision for the future of space travel and civilization.

Source: The Bush Center
Published: April 2018

A Dynamic Civilization, Part 1 of 2

“The Solar System is big. Earth is small.

Once you go out into space, you have for practical purposes, once again unlimited resources. The solar system could easily support 1 trillion humans. That would be a dynamic, incredible civilization in which you’d want your grandchildren’s grandchildren to live. 

I think eventually earth will become zoned as residential and light industrial. We will have universities, parks, and houses but we won’t have big factories. That’s a multi-hundred-year vision.

My piece of this vision is taking my Amazon lottery winnings and converting them into reusable rocket vehicles [through Blue Origin] so that we can lower the cost of access to space.”

- Jeff Bezos


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