July 22: 5 tips from Amazon’s Doc Bar Raisers

At Amazon, you don’t write to impress others. You write to express your idea.

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Source: Fact of the Day 1 interview with Amazon Doc Bar Raisers
Published: May 2021

5 tips from Amazon’s Doc Bar Raisers

“Write poorly and they notice the style; write well and they notice the idea.” - Unknown

At Amazon, we don’t write to impress others. We write to express our idea.

  1. One idea at a time: Say one thing, in one sentence, and read that sentence aloud in one breath. Then move on to the next sentence.

  2. Write with rhythm: Vary your word count and sentence length. It’s appealing for readers and keeps their forward momentum.

  3. The order of your words within a sentence matters: For the most impact, keep your keywords together. 

  4. Write in a positive tone: Avoid complaining and “not” phrases as much as you can.

  5. Give your data context: Stick with the facts and avoid opining. Use customer anecdotes and data comparisons against goals to help readers understand data points.