July 27: Levels of Autonomy

The five levels of automobile autonomy

Source: AndPlus
Published: January 2018

Levels of Autonomy

Circulated: July 27, 2020

To help automotive engineers, governments, and insurers get a better handle on this new technology, the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) defined the five levels of automobile autonomy.

Level 0: Not autonomy; the driver performs all driving tasks.

Level 1: A single function automated. e.g., cruise control

Level 2: Acceleration and steering are automated. The driver must remain engaged and monitor the vehicle at all times. e.g., automated lane centering and collision-avoidance braking

Level 3: All safety functions are automated, but the driver may need to take over in an emergency; e.g., Tesla’s autopilot feature.

Level 4: The vehicle performs all driving functions under certain conditions; e.g., dry, warm weather. Human input optional.

Level 5: The vehicle is capable of performing all driving functions under all conditions. No human required.