March 15: Languages spoken at home (US)

A look at the top 10 languages that are spoken in bilingual homes in the United States.

Source: Statista
Published: September 2020

Languages spoken at home (US)

English is the most spoken language in the United States, but how many people are bilingual while at home, and what other languages do they speak?

According to a US Census Bureau whose survey included those aged 5+, Spanish is the most popular second language spoken at home - by far. 

Language and Number of speakers

1. Spanish: 41.8 million
2. Chinese: 3.5 million
3. Tagalog: 1.8 million
4. Vietnamese: 1.6 million
5. Arabic: 1.3 million
6. French: 1.2 million
7. Korean: 1.1 million
8: Russian: 1.0 million
9. Haitian: 0.9 million
10. German: 0.9 million

Rounded to the nearest 100,000 people.


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