March 26: Worldwide mobile data pricing

A look at the cost of 1GB of mobile data in 10 countries around the globe.

Published: February 2020

Worldwide mobile data pricing

Costs for 1GB of mobile data vary wildly over the globe. For example, the country with the lowest-priced GB is India at just $0.09, while on the island of Saint Helena the same GB costs a staggering $52.50. 

Breaking the data down into global averages, the GB prices by quartile are:

1st Quartile (lowest 25%): $1.38/GB
2nd Quartile (median 50%): $3.24/GB
3rd Quartile (highest 25%): $5.33/GB

Take a look at the countries that boast the lowest price for a gigabyte of mobile data.

Country & Cost of 1GB (USD)

1. India: $0.09
2. Israel: $0.11
3. Kyrgyzstan: $0.21
4. Italy: $0.43
5. Ukraine: $0.46
6. Kazakhstan: $0.46
7. Somalia: $0.50
8. Sri Lanka: $0.51
9. Russian Federation: $0.52
10. Vietnam: $0.57


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