May 19: Esports revenue streams

A look at six revenue streams driving the growth of Esports.

Source: Newzoo
Published: March 2021

Esports revenue streams

Esports describes the world of competitive, organized video gaming. Global esports 2021 revenue is projected to yield $1.08 billion, +14.5% YoY. The biggest driver of revenue is sponsorships—the original foundation of the esports market.

Global Esports Projected Revenue Streams, 2021 (rounded)

Revenue Stream: Sponsorship
Description: A brand that sponsors a gaming event, team, or influencer as part of a marketing strategy
Revenue (USD): $641M
YoY Growth: +12%

Revenue Stream: Media Rights
Description: Broadcasting platforms pay fees to secure rights to show content
Revenue (USD): $193M
YoY Growth: +13%

Revenue Stream: Publisher Fees
Description: Game publishers paying independent organizers for hosting esports events
Revenue (USD): $127M
YoY Growth: +23%

Revenue Stream: Merchandise & Tickets
Description: Event seats and physical merch like t-shirts
Revenue (USD): $67M
YoY Growth: +14%

Revenue Stream: Digital
Description: In-game items bought digitally
Revenue (USD): $32M
YoY Growth: +50%

Revenue Stream: Streaming
Description: Professional players streaming on individual or team channels
Revenue (USD): $25M
YoY Growth: +26%


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