May 21: Digitally native vertical brands and their “maniac focus” on the customer experience

Source: 2PM, Web Smith

Source: 2PM, Web Smith
Published: May 2019

Digitally Native Vertical Brands and their “Maniac Focus” on the Customer Experience

Circulated: May 21, 2019

“Digitally native vertical brands are maniacally focused on the customer experience and they interact, transact, and story-tell to consumers primarily on the web.” — Bonobos founder and CEO Andy Dunn.

While often started online, they can extend to a brick-and-mortar manifestation. Unlike typical e-commerce companies, digitally native vertical brands control their own distribution.

25 popular DNVBs:

  • Warby Parker

  • Rent the Runway

  • Anker

  • Peloton

  • Dollar Shave Club

  • Harry’s Inc

  • Birchbox

  • Boxed

  • Glossier

  • Casper

  • Tuft & Needle

  • The Honest Company

  • Kylie Cosmetics

  • StitchFix

  • MVMT Watches

  • Allbirds

  • Shinola

  • HelloFresh

  • Blue Apron

  • Home Chef