May 25: FAQs about Fact of the Day 1

Answers to the top five frequently asked questions from readers.

Source: Fact of the Day 1
Published: May 2021

FAQs about Fact of the Day 1

As this email list grows, so do the number of questions in my inbox from readers. Here are answers to the top five FAQs.

1. Is the image of the fact digitally generated?  

No, facts are hand-written on a whiteboard by a (talented) artist.

2. Is this part of your day job? 

No, it isn’t part of my role at Amazon. This is a passion project that I started in 2018 and work on at night and on weekends.

3. Is this a solo or team project?

It’s a team effort. Publishing 5 times/week requires lots of work behind the scenes. I have hired a part-time team that includes a copywriter, an artist, and a social media manager.

4. How many people get Fact of the Day 1?

Year-End 2018: 400 subscribers
Year-End 2019: 20,000 subscribers
Year-End 2020: 47,000 subscribers
Today: 80,000 subscribers

5. Can someone outside of Amazon get Fact of the Day 1? 
Yes. Folks can subscribe to the email at, on LinkedIn, or via Twitter.

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